Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Free Resources: Free E-books for reading and relaxation.

Hi..here's a simple question for you.  When was the last time you have read a book?

It is pretty important that you keep yourself up to date, or your mind alert, relaxation or even to boost your personal self-esteem with more knowledge!

Well, there are just so many reasons why you should be reading...remember, you have to love yourself first, and feed your soul and mind before you can be a good partner to your partner!

Read whenever you can ok....it can be fiction, poetry, body & spirit, religious...it doesn't matter. I am glad to share with you one of my favorite website...you can get hold of plenty of free e-books here...completely free.

free books, download books

Take baby steps to get you from Break Up to make up.

Nugget: Take baby steps to get you from Break Up to make up.

What it means: More often than not, guys and girls try to take too big a step when trying to patch things up with their ex.

They want their ex to 'take them back' or 'forgive them' all at ONCE. (Do you think that is possible??)

Look, these are HUGE leaps!  So, please, don't push it too hard.

What may be more effective in the re-bonding process are itsy bitty steps.

Try grabbing coffee together...it is a much smaller step than 'getting back together'...and even smaller than 'going on a date'.


Grabbing coffee may still be too big a step, might try starting with a smaller step?

In fact...many a times...taking a step 'back' is the best course of action.

Watch a Video here that explains how.


Monday, June 7, 2010

Reiki and the Law of Attraction. Loving Starts With You First....

I come across something interesting today. Reiki, and the Law of Attraction.

Well, I am sure most of us have somehow of rather, heard about the Law of Attraction. The like-minded  tend to attract another like-minded, and then everything seems to "gel" and "fall-into-place" the way things should be.  Things can be really simple. It's just that most of us are busy with so many other commitments and work...the modern society literally squeeze everything out of us, leaving us with nothing but STRESS. I have been through that, still going through it...mind you, but help is available.

It is crucial that we possess the right mindset and attitude if we want our relationship to progress fine and well. Loving starts with you. You have to love yourself first before you love someone else. How can loving yourself help your relationship? We have to begin by loving ourselves first. Unless you love yourself, it will be tough for you to love another person wholeheartedly.  A lot of times our relationship and family life have to take a back seat and suffer ...without us even realizing it.

When you love yourself and love what you contribute to a relationship, it affects how you view things. Loving yourself means recognizing that you are a good person. Loving yourself allows you to forgive yourself of mistakes and to take them as opportunities to learn. It helps you accept yourself, flaws and all.

The problem is many of us are in a "caught in a rut" situation. We have no time to stop...actually stop and be quiet, to think and to connect with ourselves, even for a moment. Or is it true that we don't even have a moment to stop?  Or perhaps we don't even KNOW how to stop?

If you are in this situation, you may want to download this FREE book. My friend, Judith Conroy, a Reiki Master, gave me the permission share her book here. We know that it’s no secret that it takes knowledge, dedication, and effort to learn ways to manage your stress and improve your life…and it takes you to make that 1st move....Go on,....Download your FREE copy of Reiki and The Law of Attraction here.  

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Can a Fabulous Self-Esteem Boost Your Confidence, and then Enhance Your Relationship?

I feel pretty good today :) I just had a phone conversation with a dear friend Lynn. Well, perhaps I should her story here a little bit here .........

About a month again, Lynn called me and said "I am feeling really bad. I don't like the way I look, I hate the way I talk, I hate my hairstyle...I hate everything about myself!  What should I do,Charine? I know Derek loves me, but I just feel that I am not good enough for him! What should I do?"

Can you relate to Lynn? She has really low self-esteem, no confidence, she jerks whenever her boyfriend touches her ...basically her extreme low self-esteem is affected her relationship and controlling her life! Now, Lynn is a dear friend of mine. I value her friendship more than anything, and I really want her to be happy.  Well, I am no self-esteem nor personal-development expert, but I DO KNOW this..... Having a good and fabulous self-esteem is extremely important in life!

I started searching and asked around for help, and ended up with this e-book....Fabulous Self-Esteem, authored by Amy Twain, a self-improvement coach.

I felt that what Lynn could do was a boost toward accepting, liking and loving herself better.  As I read through

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Beautiful Love and Marriage Quotes...

Howdy! I chanced upon three great love and marriage quotes today. As I was reading them, I felt that these quotes are simply simple yet practical. Here you go, I would love to share them with all of you.

Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, half shut afterwards. ~Benjamin Franklin 
My thoughts ...Gosh! This is so true, I thought to myself. As much as happily married I am, I must say that there is a lot of efforts and work put in between my husband and I to make the marriage work. In short, we really have to have our eye 'half shut' after marriage, and harmony will come along upon that.  ;)

The more you invest in a marriage, the more valuable it becomes. ~Amy Grant
My thoughts: A marriage is basically a joint-venture between two individuals. Personally I can relate so much to this quote as well. Imagine how it would be if my beloved husband comes home to an empty home everyday, with me either busy working or socializing elsewhere.

Friday, June 4, 2010

How To Get Your Ex Back and Set Your Relationship Back on Track - "Opening Move" Tip

Hi. Are you here because you are looking for a way to get your ex back, and set your relationship back on track?

Well, I wish we would have met under better circumstances. But please, hang on there!  Don't give up on your relationship, not just yet!  If a dear friend come and confide in me in his or her relationship, I would not hesitate to introduce him to TDub, a relationship visionary. Well let me see, he is in a way kindda lay-back, doesn't shave as often as he should, BUT then again, we don't judge a book by its cover!  TDub has helped many people (more than 50,000 people) in more than 77 countries to get their love life back again!

To make it easy for you, I have included TDub's video here. It's an "Opening Move" tip for you, the first step to getting your ex back. Watch it, and if you find it helpful, click on here to watch his 2nd video in his website.

If you like what you have just watched, click here to watch his 2nd video.

Take care over there, ok.